This, That, and the Other Thing!

If you could see me now, you’d laugh.  It’s almost 10 pm in Calgary and my bread is still rising.  There is no way it is going to make it into the oven tonight.  I’m   out of bread – hence the making of it – but the day got away from me.  I got up later than usual and then spent time looking for two things I needed – a ball of yarn and my new $52 ear plugs.  While looking I also tidied up a bit – until  I found the stuff I needed to find.  (The ear phones for my i-pod were parked in plain view on my dresser)

Then I invited my dad and my brother (who drove out here from Toronto at break-neck speed) for breakfast.  This entailed the grinding of grain, the mixing of muffins, and a very delayed cup of coffee.  On the flip side – my home is much cleaner than it was before.  It amazes me how the impending arrival of guests speeds the cleaning process.

I should have mixed the sponge before we went shopping – but I didn’t.  That was the mistake.  I just sat and chatted and showed off the menagerie.  We made our plans for the day and set off.

Thanks to the presence of the van, I picked up my new winter boots at Sears, we picked up auto parts for my brother, yarn for me, and ended the run at Value Village.

I love Value Village, but today it was a tad disappointing.  Here I was – with a vehicle to bring home something big – and there was nothing I wanted.  Everything fit quite nicely in my shopping bag.  Oh well, I probably have enough stuff anyways!

As we waited for Leon to make his purchases (2 pairs of shorts) Dad showed off his past Value Village finds – coat, shirt, pants, … and I realized something about my own attire.  My jeans were a gift from my sister.  My shirt was a gift from a friend.  My shoes were from Value Village in Ancaster.  My family is a walking advertisement for “new to you” clothing.

As people are preparing for the major shopping event of the year, I am grateful that somehow we didn’t really get sucked into the new, new, new (well except for underwear and socks)

I was going to write some more, but it’s really cold in my computer work area (even with my biking leggings – from VV) so I’m going to end it.  Since I haven’t posted a recent picture of me – I’ll do that.  (My TOPS weigh-in was 224.5 tonight!)

  Well, it’s morning now and my bread is out of the oven.  I guess something didn’t get done last night, and I’m missing a whole paragraph of brilliance that didn’t get saved.  Not only that, it was supposed to post automatically while I was at the gym this morning!

Life is full of surprises, not all of them pleasant. Kind of like shopping at Value Village, actually.  One day you find a great pair of shoes that fit like a charm.  But you never find the winter boots you really need.  But God, with His great provision (and sense of humour) provides a great deal at the mall. You go looking for a top to go with a lovely skirt from a friend (Thanks Hedy!) and you find a dress for the same price.

On that note, I’m off to work, and to enjoy the surprises God has in store for me today!  I’m sure I will enjoy them!



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