A Quick Post!

I’m eating my breakfast before heading out the door to volunteer and work.  Mondays are long days!

I did want to let you know a few things, however:

  • I’m still here, and still working towards my goal of better health – I’ve even added a tablespoon of ground flax to my porridge!
  • I’m still going to the gym – 6 times last week!  But some days (like today) the work-outs are kind of lame.  I’m really struggling to get past the fact that I don’t like the music at the gym!
  • I’ve been tracking my eating on the Nutribase program I got from TOPS many years ago.  It is helping.  I’ve even been trying to post regularly on my new Red page.  This is one habit I’d like to nail down before the end of the year.

“Above all, challenge yourself. You may well surprise yourself at what strengths you have, what you can accomplish.” – Cecile M. Springer

That’s a quote that I got from it today.  On Thursday I accidentally pushed my running speed to 5.1 mph. (I usually run at 4.5).  I decided to leave it there and see what would happen – and I ran it for a minute – who knew I could?

So the challenge I’d like to put out to you is this – dare to stretch!  You  might be pleasantly surprised by what you can do!

Have a great Monday,



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One response to “A Quick Post!

  1. Barbara

    I clicked on a few of your suggestions and had a good read, without a book!

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