I Believe I Can! I Believe I Can! I Believe I Can!

First of all, here’s a “Freshly Pressed” to inspire you!


Since my goal has become to walk a half marathon, this is quite inspiring to me.   The idea first came to me via an article in our TOPS magazine, July 2011.

I brought the article to our TOPS meeting and suggested we challenge ourselves to walking the distance.  We could at least try, I thought.

On the flip side of that, not every one of our members want to walk that far.  Maybe 5 or 10 K is more manageable.  Maybe just cheering us on is enough for this year!  The important thing is this:  DO SOMETHING!  If 5 K is a stretch…stretch for it. If your “stretch” is a 10K, go for that.   Save the “half” for another year – it will be there, and so will you (if you keep walking!). T

Last month three of my friends joined the gym where I work out.  They walk, talk and get fit together.  Every day they walk a little longer.  Every day they get a little stronger, a little fitter and one day…”Eureka!”  They’ll be walking circles around their grand children!

Now I’m going to check out http://www.marathonwalking.com/

Then I’ll make a plan for the next 8 months – The Calgary Stampede Road Race is on July 10, 2012, and I intend to be walking!  Want to join me?


PS:  I was at the gym this afternoon for a bit, but I enjoyed some wintery biking and a walk in the dog park with Emma, Eric and the geo-pups.  The pups were not successful in sniffing out the cache, however.

PPS:  To find out more about TOPS, check out www.tops.org  It’s a great organization for helping you lose weight!


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