The Truth will Out!

Before I left for vacation I had all kinds of plans.  I was going to find a gym every day and pay the price to work out.  I was going to do my stretches for physio every day.  I was… I was… I was.

I didn’t.

The reality is that it was too far from my parents place – and their swimming hole didn’t have work-out machines.  (There was an exercise bike in my room – I ignored it!)  Then we had our adventures!  Lots of driving involved and lots of visiting.

On top of that I got sick.  Emma got sick.  My mom was already sick. It was so bad that I drove myself to the Woodstock hospital, concerned that I might have an infection that would spoil all the fun I wanted to have!

I did manage to drag almost every member of my family out geo-caching.  This is the first one that my dad found.  Sneaky hide if you ask me!

I’m writing this on Sunday evening, but I’ll end it tomorrow with the reality of what my two weeks off has done to the numbers on the scale.  It will be good to get back to the gym!  Back to my morning routine!


It’s about 7 am.  I’ve been up for about 3 hours now – my body is still on Gormley time, and the extra hour didn’t help either!  On the other hand, I’ve re-inked my printer cartridges, made everything ready so that I could make breakfast and coffee quickly and I was at the gym just after 6 am.

I weighed in with a gain of 4 pounds – which doesn’t surprise me –  too much coffee, too much chocolate, and my mom is a great cook!

My goal for this week is to get back on track and work harder at the gym – maybe right after work!  I want my second number to be a

(I don’t ever plan on buying this kind of tire, but if you have a biker in your life, here’s the link: )

And again, thanks for stopping by.  Your visits are an encouragement to me as I move toward my goals.


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