Routines – the Pros and Cons!

I’ve been on vacation for about 2 weeks, visiting my family in Ontario, attending a very special wedding, and having adventures of sorts!  There will be more allusions to that in the coming weeks.  But this Sunday morning I want to focus on something that hit me quite hard this morning.

Because we got an extra hour today, which I did not use to sleep, I was up quite early.  My Kakuro book was beside my bed and I solved 2 puzzles.  I got up and worked a bit in my room – there are areas there that annoy me more now that I’ve been away for a few weeks.

Finally, I got around to making my morning coffee – a routine I’ve missed terribly.  I love my morning coffee! Definitely a pro!

THEN… I mosied on down to the computer and started playing FreeCell.  This is one of the time-wasters that has snuck in to the routine of my day.  Definitely a con!

I think one of my challenges this week is going to be to identify the “routines” that keep me from doing what I really want to be doing! And more often, those  insidious little time-wasting routines keep me from doing what I really ought to be doing.

As I create this post I’m listening to a CD by the group Avalon.  One of the hymns has the line “Morning by morning His mercies I see”  Sadly, that isn’t one of my morning routines.  I think it should be. I would like it to be.

Today I begin to slip back into the routines of “the usual”.  This is a good time to evaluate the “usual” through new eyes and tweak it as needed.

Enjoy your Sunday!


(I’m glad to be back!)


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