Falling Leaves!

In my yard there are several large trees – 3 in the front and 3 in the back.  They do one thing very well.  They grow leaves, leaves, and more leaves.  And once the weather cools, and the calendar pages have been flipped to October, they fall to the ground.  One forgets, in the sight of such beauty, that there is a whole lot of raking that needs to be done.


Some people patiently rake, and bag, and rake and bag, and then take it to the Leaf and Pumpkin Drop Off sites that we have here in Calgary.

My own preference is to leave them to compost – but I’m sure the dandelion lady would object to that!  You can read more about her at this blog post:


Mind you, they might prevent the dandelions from growing!  I have a patch of yard where the weeds are trying to take over.  Last year I began dropping my leaves there.  I did have less weeds this  year, so I’m doing it again!

Falling leaves  have no regard for lines – my lines, my neighbours lines, or even the  fence lines that we use to define territory.  They just fall.  And the leaves from our trees freely fall on my neighbours lawn.  Every year they patiently rake them up, put them in bags, and then in broad daylight, when I’m not looking, they dump them over the fence into my yard.

This makes me mad and I whine about it on Facebook.  Then I start singing:

Don’t dump your leaves in my backyard, my backyard, my backyard,

Don’t dump your leaves in my backyard, my backyard’s full.

Then I think:  What if I bagged them up, stored them in the garage, and waited

until there was a lot of snow and dumped them back in their yard. Or bagged them up and loaded them in their truck! Or in front of their door!   It’s amazing how nasty several large piles of leaves can make  you.

I’ve never done these things.  Last year I gave up.  There is a limit to how many leaves can be dug into soil on your day off.  This year, I am only worried about the front.  But Mr. J, who lives downstairs and is the “patient rake and bagger” now has more than his fair share to deal with!

If only we could train the trees to rake up their own leaves!  In the meantime, how does “love” do its work in this?

Any ideas?


PS1:  Here’s a blog link you might enjoy.  I certainly needed to be reminded of it as I head out on vacation tonight!


PS2:  I missed my goal – 3 meals eaten out takes a toll.  Let’s see if I can come home with my second number a 1!


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One response to “Falling Leaves!

  1. Barbara

    We will certainly try and help to reach your goal of bring quiet for a while….. but then we miss your stories!
    Talk your head off while you are here!
    love you.

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