With Grateful Heart My Thanks I Bring!

All weekend long, this hymn has been running through my mind.  I hummed it as I enjoyed a delicious dinner of roast lamb, mashed potatoes and of course gravy and salad.  This was dinner with Emma, Eric, his dad and friends Georgina and Kevin.  Of course the “grand-puppies” were there too, gracing everyone with their puppy kisses and excitement!

Yesterday I was able to be at church, enjoying the singing, the visiting and the teaching on gratitude.  I have much to be grateful for!  Sometimes I get into those whiny moments that are fairly close if not exactly like envy.  And yet, God has covered all the bases for me!


I can EAT:  I have no allergies to foods (although I feel better if I stay away from some foods!)  Food is readily available.  I can even take just a few steps away from my computer and enjoy some ripe cherry tomatoes!  The grocery stores are filled with food (although getting a fresh chicken or turkey today may be tricky!)

I can PRAY:  I live in a country and a city that offers me many opportunities for prayer, worship and learning.  I was able to listen to the first segment of Beth Moore’s teaching series on Jeremiah and “Eat. Pray.  Love.”  and that’s where I got the idea for this blog post.  I have friends who encourage me along my journey to becoming the woman God created me to become!  Wherever I am, whatever I do I can see His hand and I am grateful!





I can LOVE:  I have been blessed with friends and family who I can love.  They also love me back, so we are all blessed!  Right now I’m preparing an impromptu Thanksgiving dinner.  It too is a labour of love – a way of sharing with the people who matter in my life!  I can connect with my parents and my daughter – and there are many that I know who don’t have that opportunity.   My parents have been married now for about 53 years, while Emma and Eric are just starting out.  And I get to love them all!

On this joyful Thanksgiving Day, we don’t need to go far to find opportunties to Eat together, Pray together, and to Love one another!

Have a great day!



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One response to “With Grateful Heart My Thanks I Bring!

  1. May you be blessed immeasurably this Thanksgiving day. Thank you once again for speaking into my own life with your blog.

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