I’m Gonna Fail! – Maybe!

If things keep going as they are, then it looks, from the vantage point of September 28th, that I am not going to achieve my “number” goal of losing 50 pounds this year.  In order to do that I will have to lose 25 pounds in the next three months, or 8 pounds in each month.  Is it possible?  Yes.  Is it a safe goal?  Yes, I believe so.  However…

Last weeks Napoleon Hill reading was about failure.  Actually the essay is called “The Blessing of Failure” but I focused on the failure part of it, because that’s what lots of people do.  They set their sights on the negative and miss the positive.

A few years ago I drove to Saginaw, Michigan.  My quest was two fold.  One was to check out yarn shops and find the chicken pattern.  I was successful and I could have gone home after my first stop.  My second quest, tongue in cheek, was to meet a “Saginaw Fisherman”. I have to say, that I only saw one, and here he is:

My Saginaw Fisherman!

He’s the silent type, but he looked happy there, so I left him to his fishing!  So quest number two was a bust!  Too bad!

Winston Churchill once said that success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.  (He didn’t say it quite like that though).   Zig Ziglar reminds me that failure is an event, not a person.  We need to be careful not to define ourselves by our failures, but rather learn from them as Thomas Edison did.  Each failure is an opportunity to learn and we can use our new found information to enthusiastically try again!

The “eclairs in my refrigerator”  were chocolate covered almonds.  The buying of them got out of hand and I was stopping by the bin a little to regularly.  But I never bought them during work, just AFTER work.  By deciding to stop shopping after work, I hope to eliminate the stop at the almond shop!  We’ll see how it goes.  So far, so good!

Napoleon Hill says, “If you can keep on trying after a dozen failures, the seed of genius is sprouting within you.  Give it the sunshine of hope and faith and watch it grow into great personal achievements”

If I don’t lose 50 pounds this year, the world is not going to end.  I know, because I’m continuing to tweek my life and my thinking, that I will lose some more of this excess baggage and there’s always next year.  But the journey… the journey has been wonderful.  God has blessed me with evidence of His provision of encouragement and surprises along the way.  I have already lost 25 pounds and that’s much better than my average!

Maybe you are realizing that you might not achieve a goal that you set.  Keep going.  Every step forward is a step closer to achieving it.  You may just need a little longer to get there than you thought!

Have a great day!



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One response to “I’m Gonna Fail! – Maybe!

  1. Barbara

    Thanks Marcia, for another honest and uplifting article.

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