The Eclairs in my Refrigerator

I know, it’s not right, putting such delectable delights in a blog that has been focusing on weightloss, but here it is, together with a link to the blog where I found it.  (The most recent recipe is for a Fig and Almond bread that I want to have a closer look at.)

I didn’t make up the phrase that I’ve used in my title.  It comes from a writer/basket-ball player named Jay Carty and I had the opportunity to hear him speak (and he helped me shoot a basket!) many years ago.

But, even though I don’t have the book, I still remember the phrase and it has been applicable in my life.  I have been messing with “eclairs in my refrigerator”.  This time they took the shape of chocolate covered almonds.  I thought that I could have just a few of them at a time – this time.  But, alas, that has not proven to be the case.

To be honest, I don’t much like eclairs. They don’t call my name like other things do.  Often I can ignore the calls, but NOT when they are in my house.  That’s the reason I try to keep from having things like ice-cream, Nutella, and peanut-butter in my house.  When they come in, they beg to be enjoyed.  And once I start, I find it so hard to stop.

Of course, this analogy applies to much more than food, even though it is very appropriate to that area of my life.  It speaks to the way I spend money.  It impacts how I spend my time.  It helps my choose appropriate books to read and what to stay away from.

I need to stay away from certain foods if I am to successfully maintain my weight loss and keep it going on the right track.  This means I also have to keep my wallet at home and I need to stay away from the bulk food section where the chocolate almonds spend most of their time!

What is keeping you from getting your jobs done?  Let’s take time to clearly identify them and keep them out of the refrigerators of our lives!

Have a great day!



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