A Weekend of Delight!

First off, let’s get those numbers out of the way.  I’ve gained a pound – again.  Enough said.  I have the explanation, but it can wait until tomorrow’s post.  I hope you can too, because it will be interesting!

I had a wonderful weekend!  On Friday I went with my “Ladybug” friends to a delightful restaurant that is just up the street from me called the Bow River Restaurant, which gives you no idea that it is a Vietnamese restaurant.  We went on the recommendation of my friend Pam. If you are in Calgary, here’s a link to the Urban Spoon page: http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/15/1532568/restaurant/Southwest/Bow-River-Vietnamese-Restaurant-Calgary  Food, fellowship and encouragement were the order of the evening.

On Saturday I wrote my blog post: “I Want, I Want, I Want”.  Then I went walking and geocaching with Pam – the same Pam who recommended the restaurant.  She found her first geo-cache, and here’s the evidence to prove it!  This was the second cache we tried to find.  Walking back home from the hospital where she works  I was able to find the second cache, which was a micro.  We’ll have to catch that one again since I didn’t have a pencil for logging my find.

Can you see it in the picture?  Micros are quite tricky, especially micros in pine trees.  Geo-caching is a fun activity that you can do while enjoying the great outdoors, and you don’t have to go far to do it.  (Although I am running out of caches within walking distance of my front door!).  I’ve begun checking out the geo-caches near my parents house in Gormley.  One required that I learn a little bit about binary code.  These are called mystery or puzzle caches and my brain was stretched a bit before I got it!  Now I’ll have to find it, which is apparently tricky as well!

After successfully finding the micro, I decided to stop in at this little flower shop.  If you drive through the intersection of Heritage and Elbow, I’m sure this will be a familiar site!

This is another place I’ve lived so close to but never stepped inside their door.  Guess what?  I’ve been in twice now, because it was such a delightful surprise.  As you’ve probably guessed by now, I’m on a rather small budget, and while I have wiggle room (I bought the GPS after all) there hasn’t been room for flowers and the like.  At least that’s what I thought Saturday morning.  Here you can buy single stems of flowers – I bought a stem of daisies for $2.50.  My order may have been small, but they treated it with the same respect as a large bouquet, wrapping it in paper and tying it with a strand of raffia.  Yesterday I bought another stem to take to my daughter – with the same special service.

When I wrote yesterday’s post, https://shortshoestring.wordpress.com/2011/09/24/i-want-i-want-i-want/  I wrote it to illustrate the need to be specific about what you want.  I did not expect to find an answer to my quest on my doorstep.  I did, however, check out a couple of garage sales, without success.  So you can imagine my surprise, when I went out the back door to grab my laundry, that there was a green wallet with a note attached!  Hard to believe but there it was.  Turns out my neighbour, Anna Melissa, had bought a new wallet on Friday.  Hers was too big.  Hers was also green.  Then she read my blog and made me the happy possesser of my first green wallet!

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon visiting Emma and Eric.  His dad had cooked  his first gluten-free meal – chicken with stuffing.  It was a delight.  I got lots of puppy kisses and enjoyed more visiting with people I love.

Looking back over this, I’ve missed the movie I went to see with Tracy, which was also good.  We need to get out with our friends and not sit alone at home, which is my bent.

So, here’s the point of this article in a nutshell or two:

  • Go out with friends – they enrich your life, but only if you make it a point to connect with them.  Alida – I’ll call you about Saturday!
  • Check out the businesses in your area.  You may be in for a few delightful surprises – like my flowers!
  • Be specific about what it is you want out of life.  Narrow it down.  Do your research.  Then let the people in your life help you.  Sometimes God has blessed them with exactly the right advice, encouragement or wallet that you need!

Have a delightful  day!  I will!



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