Back to the Details!

While I’ve been a regular at the gym, and somewhat regular (I’ve posted about once a week on average) visiting here at the blog, I haven’t really been tracking the numbers as closely as I was at the beginning of the year.

This week I did track the mileage a little more closely.  Because of my tendonitis, I haven’t been on the elliptical machine.  I also haven’t been doing my weight routine.   Instead my first stop is the treadmill.

I pop in my earplugs and turn on my I-pod.  It’s hard to find a volume that I can tolerate but drowns out the gym music.  I think I’m going to have to get a different kind of headphone to do that.  Just not quite yet!

I start my “walk to no-where” at 3.1 mph and move it up to 3.5 mph which is my main pace.  Every 5 minutes I move it up to 4.5 (And today I tried 4.7 which worked) for a minute.  This is known as “Fartlekking” in the running world and you can read a bit more about it at the blog where I “nipped” the above picture,

While most people do this to build endurance and speed, that’s not my idea.  I just want to keep from getting BORED!  And I get bored easily.

The bike is reserved for reading time – about 13 minutes, depending on what’s on for the rest of the day.

Last week I managed 6 visits to the gym, and moved myself 21.46 miles.  I also found, somewhere along the way, one of the pounds that I lost.  I’m hoping it will get lost this week and stay lost.

Have a wonderful evening!



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