Can’t Sleep? – Do something!

Good Saturday Morning!

Thursday and Friday mornings saw me with this kind of thought in my head.  I’d been asleep, woken up and it was just past 3:30 am.  Way too early to get up and going!

In spite of alternating between reading relatively unexciting books and lights out I made it to 3:59 am and 4 am and so on and so forth.  I know I’m not the only one who has such early mornings.  What do you do?  I think more of us need solutions!

Anyways, by 4:30 am. I’d had enough and got up and made coffee!  Of course it’s too early to start vacuuming, so I didn’t.  But I must say it was quite productive!

On Thursday morning I managed to list and post most of my homes-schooling books.  It was definitely time for them to move to a new venue of usefulness.  And by Thursday evening many had been spoken for!

Friday morning was a repeat of Thursday morning.  A somewhat valiant attempt to get more sleep and then COFFEE!  I managed to do some banking and then I started on drawers.

This morning, thankfully, was a little different.  The first wake-up was at 2 am, and I just went back to sleep until the CD in my alarm woke me up!  Much better.

I’m quite excited about the accomplishments, I just wish I could have slept longer!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the movement of summer into fall!




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2 responses to “Can’t Sleep? – Do something!

  1. Alida Van Polanen

    Sure can relate to your early mornings!
    I have started to pray through my family, and I’m sorry for them, but I never get to the youngest (or oldest, depending on where I start. But worst for the ones in the middle!)
    Sleep well.


  2. Agnes Angulo

    I agree, early mornings are very frustrating when sleep is what you covet. And they can be a good time to pray for or do the things that wake you up.
    Thanks Marcia and Alida.

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