I’m so excited!

Things in my life are a bit crazy at the moment.  Here’s why:

  • I’m finally parting with my homeschooling books.  That phase of our life has been over for more than 3 years, but they are still here.  We’ll unpack that later.
  • I’ve finished my studies to teach English as a Second Language and I need to take the leap of faith and plunge into this new career.  I’m afraid to be quite honest.
  • I need to go to Ontario for a variety of reasons – to visit my family, celebrate a wedding and a whole bunch of birthdays. This required money and I needed to get it together.

I offered to book the flights for Emma, Eric and myself.  One phone call, 6 tickets, one payment.  Easy.  And it was.    After the dishes were washed and the bread was out of the oven and the muffins in the oven, I decided to go on-line and have a look at the flights and prices.  There was a

SEAT SALE!!!!!!!!!!

I’d done some checking in the summer and came up with a figure of about $630 for a round trip.  By booking tonight I paid $452.   That saved me… (gotta do the math here)…about $180.  Not to be sneezed at.  And if  we saved that much on the other two sets of tickets – that’s a lot of cash for paying attention to nudges.

So God, thank you for nudging me towards the computer tonight.  Given my procrastinating ways, I could have waited until tomorrow or the next day.  Instead I listened and acted.  You do indeed know what I need before I do!

The song that is singing in my head goes something like this:

“In HIS time, In HIS time.  He makes all things beautiful in his TIME!”

So, if you need to fly somewhere in the near future and  you read this before midnight (Mountain time) check it out and save some money!

Have a great night!  TORONTO!  Here I come (in October!)



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