Finally, at long, long last…

It’s been a summer of focusing on other things.  I’ve been going to the gym every single week day, usually first thing in the morning but on a few occasions I had to go at night.  This was very strange, but I survived!

I think at this phase in the game, I’ve got the exercising down to a habit.  But it is time to add something new to the mix.   That however, is for another post.

My Monday weigh-ins have been disappointing of late.  Up and down, up and down and the only exiting thing was that the middle number was still a 2, all be it barely.  Today was cause for excitement, however as the scale dropped substantially and I’m now much closer to losing 30 pounds than I was before.

The actual number is 224.5 and I’m glad its closer to the teens than it is to the 30’s.

What changed?  I’ve been moaning and groaning about not being able to use the elliptical machine.  I’m not yet cleared to do my weights.  I’ve found, in the past, that bikes and treadmills are BOOOORING!

I started out by increasing my treadmill time to 30 minutes plus cool down.  I’ve enjoyed listening to Thru the Bible ( ) on my second hand Ipod.  And every 5 minutes I bump my speed from a moderately sedate 3.5 mph to a moderate jog of 4.5 mph.  This is known as fartlekking and is supposed to be good for your heart.  For me it relieves the boredom of going nowhere on a belt.  I’ve done this every day for the last few weeks.  Then I do some time on the bike, 20 minutes max, and that’s where I get my reading and pondering in.  It was good, especially today!

It’s the food part that I really need to sort out.  I’ve successfully avoided the yogurt and cheese aisle.  I’ve had good success with the cookies, especially since they started selling them in pairs again.  I’ve even eliminated the chocolate malt balls.  Alas, I’ve replaced them with chocolate covered almonds.  I don’t think this is a terribly good thing, but almonds are better than the malty stuff inside those malt balls.  Aren’t they?

Anyways, we are now in new territory, numerically speaking, and that is encouraging.

I hope today finds you in new territory – doing things, becoming the person God in His infinite wisdom created  you to be!

Have a wonderful day!

Marcia (who is off to the library to return some over-due books!)

PS:  I hope the cookie doesn’t tempt you!  Save them for Christmas!



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