If there’s a word that’s popping  up in my readings it is indeed,


I had a funky word art made up, but how to transfer that to here is a question that I don’t have time to answer.

I also started writing this, thinking that I had time (at 8 am) when I needed to be somewhere at 8:30.  This necessitated that I finish eating my breakfast, pack up the supplies I needed (most of which were packed) and get out the door.

Napoleon Hill writes in week 36, ” The most successful people have acquired the habit of concentration on a single thing at a time, instead of spreading their efforts over many fields”.

Dave Ramsey of “Total Money Makeover” fame speaks of Gazelle intensity when working on debt reduction and prevention.

People at the “Biggest Loser” ranch are focused on one thing and one thing only – losing the extra weight.

Needless to say, a person who can start writing a blog post, messing with clip art and word art, while still needing to have breakfast, get ready for the day and bike to work, needs to…







There are probably a lot more words to describe what I need to do here, but I think these are enough to go with for now!

I have some goals I’d like to achieve. There’s about 80 pounds of stored energy that needs to be used up.  I have some debts that need to be paid.  There are projects that need to be finished, books that need new owners and users.

Now, I need to make a plan for one of them – the books – and act on it!  Watch for a list of books that may need a spot on YOUR bookshelf!

Have a wonderful day!


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