Something I Finished!

I am a great starter.  This can be attested to by the large number of “UFO’s” that lurk in various bags, jars and boxes in my home.  I”d show  you pictures, but those corners are also not as tidy as I’d like them to be – maybe another Saturday.  But…. I did finish something last night while watching “The King’s Speech”  Not only that, but the ends are sewn in and it is wrapped and in my closet.  (I add this little tidbit so that when the time comes to give it, I’ll know where it is!)

I saw the pattern this spring while waiting for the freezing to take effect.   My dentist has good magazines to entertain me!  I’m hoping this link will connect you to it as well:

If it doesn’t work, go to  and click on crafts and crochet, and scroll down until you find it.

The beginnings look just like sunny-side up eggs and they gave me a great deal of pleasure as I made them.

The colours were chosen to reflect the Sri Lankan heritage of the new baby.  Sam and I work together sometimes and this is her first child.  I thought that having the colours of their flag would be good – a reminder of where they are from.  Of course the colours are not exact – but they are kid friendly and suitable for either a boy or a girl.

And here it is, all finished.  It’s not too big – big enough for a crib or to cover a stroller or car seat.

Projects like this are good for me because I can do them on my breaks at work.  First I make all the centers, then the white edge and then the final colours.  At home, during movies, I sew them together and make the blanket.  No bulky projects to carry around.

I hope this inspires you to perhaps finish something you started – or start something to keep yourself or someone else warm!  (I have enough “yolks”  to make another blanket that I will be paying forward!)

Have a wonderful Saturday!



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