Results in Other Realms!

Well it is Tuesday.  Yesterday was weigh in day.  Today I saw the doctor to get my blood pressure medications re-prescribed.  I thought that I’d wait till I got home to post the weekly numbers!

It’s been a busy week at my house.  I’ve been busy trying to organize my practicum teaching report.  I did the teaching at the beginning of May and the report had to be submitted today.  It got Purolated at 1 o’clock this afternoon and should arrive tomorrow.  The bees have been busy in the garden as well and I am enjoying the reseeded plants that come back every year.   After a very cool and rainy spring Calgary is enjoying a stretch of mostly sunny and warm weather.  It is nice!

Anyways,  here are the numbers for this week.  I am still maintaining a foot in the 220’s, although I’d like to get further away from that 230.  It’s exciting to be in this range though!

After 26 weeks…

(to July 4)

Weight Loss

Number of Visits

Cost per visit



This Week





Last week




Year to Date




This week




Week  Three of resisting those ripe, spotty bananas!

I’ve managed to resist the grapes and bananas.  Instead I’ve been enjoying the peaches and nectarines that are in the stores now.  Co-op has also had organic melons on sale and they’ve made it into my backpack as well!  Yum!

Every three months or so I see my doctor to check my blood pressure.  I’ve been taking medications for about two and a half years now.  For a while it was 4 mgs. of Coversyl, but then it went up to 8 mgs.  Ouch!  I’ve been taking this higher dose for over a year now, and I was so hoping that my visits to the gym and the drop in pounds would make a difference.  Finally it has.  I’m back to the 4 mgs.  Yes!

That’s the news for the day.  I’m going to start working on the second half of my project and hopefully I can send that in within the next two weeks!

Have a great day!



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