I’m Still in One Piece!

I was up this morning  with the sun, anxious not to be late for this morning’s new adventure – Boot Camp at 6 a.m. And OUTSIDE!  That was the draw for me.  You see, for the last 6 months (hard to believe I’m saying that!)  I’ve been watching these earlybirds go through their paces while I do my weight routine.  They work hard and then some!  Even their warm-ups are brutal – 15 incline at 3 mph!  I think not!  I made the 15 incline at 2.2 mph.  Just don’t tell Susan that!

Can you just see the agony of it all?  Why did I get out of bed I wonder?  Then they informed me that it wasn’t going to be outside after all.  I felt snookered!  It was all a plot to get me into the class after I’ve been resisting successfully for so long!  It was the only thing I have been successful at resisting this long!

I whined.  I complained.  I let it be known that I felt hard done by!  If it wasn’t for the carrot of taking the work-out into the sunshine (and mosquitoes) I would have stayed in bed an extra 5 minutes!

And Aris listened.  I guess he figured that an hour of me complaining was just too much for the class to endure!

Who knew you could have so much “fun” on the lines of a parking lot?

The “highlight” came at the end of the work-out.  We had to run 2 laps, and I was last, but Susan came and ran beside me.  I was jogging slow and alternating with walking, but together we ran it in.  Just at the end however…..

I really ran!

I’m pretty excited about this.  5 years ago tomorrow I broke my ankle rather badly.  It took a long time for me to walk properly but I’ve not been able to run.  Today I did!

THE POINT OF THIS POST: Try something new.  There is no way, right now, that I could keep up with some of the members of this class.  I didn’t even try.  But I kept moving and I kept doing.  If something was challenging I asked for and got a modification.  Don’t hold back from a new experience because you’re not fit enough (or light enough).  Do it and adjust it to your level!  Above all – Go out and have fun!  I did!

PS – there’s still a few days to get into a free class at http://calgaryhealthexpress.com/  Who knows, you might find something fun to do this summer!

Have a wonderful day!




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