Embracing the Looseness…

Good Monday Morning everyone!

It’s bright an sunny in Calgary today, with just a bit of forest-fire haze to soften the glow.  Also a reminder that in other corners of the city, province, country and world, unhappy things are happening.   I am very blessed!  And grateful.

It’s been a busy morning with a quick work-out, a job interview, and some gardening.    I’ve also enjoyed a busy week with friends on Friday night and a Botswanian-Canadian wedding on Saturday. Not to mention our final ESL class celebration on Thursday.  I’ve enjoyed food from every corner of the world this last week!

Today, however, I am walking around in my dress pants, which have suddenly become very loose.  This is a good thing of course.  It means that I am making progress in the right direction.  The challenge is that I don’t like loose clothing.  I wonder sometimes if that keeps me from moving downward. The solution of course, is to head over to the shops and get myself another pair of pants – that fit me properly.  I see another trip to Value Village in my future!

In the meantime, here are “The stats” for the week.  I am continuing to “Stay the Course” as far as my gym attendance goes.

After 25


(to June 27)

Weight Loss

Number of Visits

Cost per visit



This Week





Last week




Year to Date





This week




Week Two of resisting those ripe, spotty bananas!

I’m glad this week is over.  It’s had some tricky spots – mostly chocolate related, but I’m excited to still be in the 220’s.  Only 8.75 pounds to go to get into the teens!

I’m in the middle of an TESL assignment (Teaching English as a Second Language) so I may be blogging more than usual – it’s my way of procrastinating!  But I do hope to share with you the adventure of my first outdoor bootcamp on Wednesday.  6 a.m. at Calgary Health Express.  I’m bigtime nervous!

I’m going to bring my camera and maybe they’ll take some pictures!   Won’t that be fun?!

Have a wonderful day!



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