Little things & THE BIG PICTURE!

This post is inspired by a $8.25 dress that I haven’t even seen!  If you want to read more about it here’s the link:

Even though I post mostly about my weight loss journey, a lot of the things I’m learning apply to the other colours of my parachute as well.

I guess my basic view of life  has been this:

Life can be long.  Life can be short.

Prepare for both!

The challenge is to balance them.  For instance, my sister is in town with her family.  It’s raining and they’ve been driving and seeing things for 2 weeks.  The best solution in my books is a quick visit to Value Village, pick up some movies at the library and some snacky things.  Then just kick back, relax and stay dry.

The snacky things may not be great for my weight loss or my budget, but they will be a change.  The movies are free from the library.  Value Village might be costly depending on what we find.  But we will have some fun.  Memories are made that way.

Sometimes something comes in your path – a crazy, silly once in a life-time kind of deal – even if it’s only $8.25.  Enjoy it.  For my 40th birthday I bought a black velvet dress and I enjoyed it immensely. And I enjoyed it often.  Three years ago in Paris I got my hair done. It was expensive!  It was fun!!  I’ve enjoyed the memory of it ever since! And I paid cash! (Just an aside there)

Today I might eat some things I don’t usually eat (just no bananas or grapes!) and I might buy something crazy.   But more than anything else, I hope I’ll create a memory with my sister and my nieces that we will revel in for years to come.

So here’s a question for you… How do you create your memories?  Do you find a good balance between the present and the future?  Feel free to share your ideas!  I might learn something new!

Marcia (who is glad she is dry!)

PS:  I’m almost finished paying off another credit card!  Yahoo!! Could I accomplish two goals in one year?  I wasn’t planning on it!



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