I’m taking the Challenge!

Yesterday I had an inspiring conversation with Jady Griffin who is a personal trainer and nutritionist at my place of exercise and sweating! http://calgaryhealthexpress.com/

We’ve been talking on and off about the low carb way of eating.

Last week we bumped into each other at Co-op and we talked about “too many grapes”.  This isn’t a problem now as my grapes of choice are not available.  Choosing to ignore them when they are will be more of a challenge.

On Wednesday we spoke about the issue of breads and muffins and she challenged me to try living without them for two weeks.  Well, I’d rather quit smoking.

Since I don’t smoke, I can’t do that.  I also can’t quit this cold turkey. I have, after all, a lot invested in my bread and muffins – most of it in a 10 year old grain grinder, a swack of cookbooks, and the pleasure I derive from messing with other people’s recipes!

Well, Jady, since I enjoy messing with other people’s recipes, and other people’s quotes, I’m going to mess with your challenge.

For the next 21 days here’s what’s going to happen:

  • I will not eat bananas and I will not eat grapes.
  • I will have only one muffin during the day at work (I usually bring 2 or 3 of my delicious banana muffins) that are now made with applesauce (unsweetened) and far less sugar
  • I will limit my bread intake to two slices per day.

Last night at TOPS I weighed in at 231 pounds.  I’ll keep you posted on the results on Thursday nights.

What is your challenge?  How are you dealing with it?  Post a comment and share your ideas!

Have a great day.





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    2 responses to “I’m taking the Challenge!

    1. Alida Van Polanen

      Good for you!
      I heard that not eating bananas in the Summer is good for keeping mosquitoes away.
      And the grapes are expensive right now, so that will help in that department as well.

      I got myself down to one bread meal a day, and often in the morning. It gives me energy to start my day without upsetting my digestive system as eggs do.

      If I know that I am going to bake fresh bread, I will wait with my bread meal till after that, since I can very rarely resist my own fresh-from-the-oven buns:)

      I wish you the best the next 3 weeks.
      I have your red envelope sitting on the table, so it will get into the mail this weekend.
      (Good tasting, but sweet, gluten free recipe)
      Are you there yet?

    2. shortshoestring

      Alida, thanks for the encouragement. Today went well as far as the challenge went! I enjoyed my slice of bread and muffin. And I haven’t felt like digging in tonight either!
      I was looking at my graph (7 years of weight loss and gain) I have never weighed so little at the beginning of June, so that’s an accomplishment. I hope I will be able to open more red envelops soon!

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