I hate to say “Good-bye!” but…

As you may see from the timing of this post, I am a lot more eager to post it than I was last week!  I’ve been more diligent about eating my vegetables each day.  And it shows.  But I’ve also left some thing out!  And there they are!  I have a great fondness for bananas – the spottier the better, in my estimation.  And whenever I see those red globe grapes – well, I’m in the checkout line in no time, and home to enjoy them!  This week I’ve managed to do without them, especially after reading that they are not a great choice when you are trying to lower your carb intake.

Lowering my carb intake is something I am trying for the summer.  I haven’t and probably won’t eliminate them completely, but I am in the process of cutting down.  Vegetables have moved in to take their place.  We’ll see how it goes from here.

In any case, here are my “stats” for the week as we say in TOPS:

After 22 weeks…

(to June 6)

Weight Loss

Number of Visits

Cost per visit



This Week


2.5 pounds


Last week




Year to Date





This week




Even with the challenges of May, I can still achieve my goal, weightwise.  I should also be able to get at least 250 gym visits in ths year too!

I’ll try to explain about the bananas and grapes right now.   For a while t here I was eating a lot of bananas – especially the spotted ones.  They have a lot of sweetness, as do those delectable grapes.  The truth is that I overdid it.  Now I’m “underdoing” it and undoing the accumulation I’ve been struggling with all week.   It’s one of the sails that needs to be “trimmed”  and I”m trimming it.  I’m also about to fall asleep mid afternoon, so I’m going to sign off.

What is it that you might have to change in your life to get you closer to what you want to achieve?

Have a good day, and enjoy a banana for me!



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