“Stay the Course”

I am discouraged.  I have been off work with a shoulder injury.  The doctor prescribed 6 days of rest, and I rested.  It was boring, tedious, and I didn’t do half the things I could have done.  I just floundered and didn’t get up.

On Monday I weighed in at the gym and went into immediate denial.  Then I moaned to Aris and he suggested that I simply continue to “Stay the Course”.

As it says in the Bible, I am to continue the race set before me – even if the results aren’t quite what I expect.  I do need, however, to examine my life, and see if something else is not quite right.  I suspect the answer is to be found in what I’ve been eating – other than all those vegetables.

I found this image at www.napoleonhillbookstore.com

  I read a bit of Napoleon Hill every morning on the treadmill, so I thought it was appropriate.

I will stay the course.  I will continue to go to the gym and work out – trimming my sails, and finding fresh wind.  I have been blessed by God with strength and health to be able to do this, and I will continue to do it.  Day in and day out.

I find my self in these past few weeks, to be yo-yoing around.  I suspect that part of it is what I’m eating – too many carbs.  Part of it is where I am in life – I am experiencing what my friend Linda calls “private chinooks” .  While I might have welcomed them in the winter, right now they are annoying.  What’s more the hormonal stuff may also be affecting the scale.  Staying the course means working on what I can control – what I eat, and my exercise – and finding a way to manage the hormones.

Here are the “stats” for the week.  I’m getting closer to the 500 mile mark every day. I’m also getting closer to doing those 250 gym visits!

After 20 weeks…

(to May 23)

Weight Loss

Number of Visits

Cost per visit



This Week




Last week




Year to Date





This week




Whatever area of life you are focusing on right now, if the results aren’t what you expectthem to be just now, remember this!


Have a wonderful day!



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  1. shortshoestring

    I”ve noticed that a lot of people come to this page on my blog – because you’ve googled “stay the course”. Welcome. Please let me know if you find this post helpful. It helps me often in my journey to a satisfying and intentional life! Thanks for visiting!

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