Summer Challenges!

My TOPS group ( for your nearest chapter!) is running a series of challenges for the summer.  Each week we add a new one!  Here are the first 4.

1.  Create a SMART goal.  Tristan Loo ( has a great planning sheet that we used.  The goal is to achieve it by the end of 13 weeks.

This is the goal sheet I used to define how I will declutter my space 3 items a day.

2.  Our second goal was to repeat positive affirmations.  I remind myself that as the TOPS pledge says, “I am an intelligent person!”  I also remind myself that “I take care of myself”  and “I treat myself with dignity and respect”

3.  “Eat 4 vegetables per day!”  This one is vital to my success.  And the hardest one, believe it or not!  I have been enjoying my salads – 3 cups romaine lettuce and 1 cup cherry tomatoes – with a variety of toppings to keep me from getting bored.

The new challenge is to “Add 2 cups of water” to your routine.  Some people have a hard time getting enough fluids.  This is a baby step that will get you on the right path.

I’m keeping a water bottle by my computer.  That way I don’t start wandering around my kitchen looking for something else.

Feel free to join us in taking on these challenges!  It all helps!

Have a wonderful day!



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