A Prayer for Releasing Clutter

I’ve been decluttering for two weeks now.  The goal was 3 things a day, and some days I’ve exceeded that goal.

Several things are motivating me at the moment.

One is the possibility that I might work overseas and have to deal with all this stuff quickly or push it onto my daughter (who has enough stuff to deal with) That is just not fair either.

The other reality is that the stuff I have sitting on shelves and in boxes might be just what someone else needs to have.

Don’t you love this picture?  Here’s the link for the blog post I “borrowed” it from:


Anyways, I digress.  This is a prayer I have been praying as I release things from my life – whether they go to the garbage, the recycling, or to an organization that can make use of them.

Dear Lord, creator of all things and owner of the cattle on a thousand hills,

I’m passing these things on, trusting that if I ever need them again You will provide them or something else that I could use instead.

Help me let go of the fear of needing it and help me embrace the joy of sharing it and making it useful once again!  AMEN!

I’ve been going through boxes and nooks and crannies, and being bombarded with memories and dreams.  It’s not easy to go through and down size.  That’s why three things a day is so manageable.  Sometimes you hit a landmine – and you need to process it before you can let it go!

There’s actually room on my bookshelf at the moment, which is a rare thing.

Here’s to decluttering, and enjoy the link!  I’m using the picture as my desktop for a little while – just to inspire me!
Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath day,



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