New Name Coming!

Good morning from SUNNY Calgary, where the birds are singing merrily and the daffodils are blooming.  Everything seems to be in a rush to make up for lost time this spring.  It is beautiful.

When I started this blog a long time ago, I was thinking mostly about personal finance and writing about that journey.   It’s still something I am very interested in, and I have posted about it a few times this year.  However, when I set about to re-organize my life, I came up with a new strategy – 5 colours for 5 different areas that I needed to think about.

Next week, I will change the name of this blog to “My Parachute has 5 Colours”  and if I ever have enough courage to jump out of a plane, I hope it will.   For now it’s the parachute in my head.

A quick run-down before I eat breakfast and head to work:

Red = health and by extension weight-loss (My focus for this year)

Green = anything financial.

Yellow = anything related to my career and work.

Blue = Creativity, things I make up, ideas I have

White = (Which is all colours combined) is my faith life.  I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and I pray that comes out in my posts, even though I don’t talk about it much, it is the umbrella that includes it all.

Have a wonderful day!


PS: at Twitter, if you’d like to follow I’m 5colourparachut (no E at the end!)



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3 responses to “New Name Coming!

  1. Maryann

    I just wanted to drop a note to say your blog is totally inspiring to me. I check it frequently and have read probably all of your posts. I find myself in much the same situation in life as you do — with extra weight and clutter — and you are inspiring me with your commitment to change. Bless your heart.

  2. shortshoestring

    Dear Maryann,
    Thank you so much for your uplifting words. I’m so grateful that we can share the same journey and be motivated and encouraged to move forward one small step at a time! Your note encouraged me today.

  3. Mom

    I guess I wandered into this new balloon thing when I went to look for pictures that Renee has posted.
    I always go in via the Lexulous game and am surprised by this imaginitive set-up.
    LIKE is what I could do eh?

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