It’s “Happy New YOU” somewhere!

The other night I wrote about how Martin Parnell had inspired me with his decision to run 250 marathons (5 days a week) in one year.   If  I keep it up, I should hit 250 visits to the gym this year.  By this time next year I will have eliminated a fair chunk of clutter from my life and from my mind.   I haven’t missed any of it – yet!

A lot of  us use January 1st as THE  DAY – the day to start, to change, to mend our ways.  I’ve got news for you – That day is a long ways a way.

We, on the other hand, don’t have to wait.  We can make today, right now, our time to change.  We can choose today to make a difference in our life, in the lives of those around us, and in our world!  The benefits may  not be immediately obvious, but they will come and we will rejoice in them together!

Enough of a “sermon”  I hope you had a good celebration of Mother’s Day.  Mine was delightful.  I got to spend it with my daughter and her man, and my grand-puppies.  When I was growing up we had dogs – nice dogs, but not puppies.   Emma had birds and acquired a hedgehog along the way.  We just never got a puppy – and what a joy we’ve missed.  Baxter and Charlie are a delight in spite of the hair they shed all over my clothes.

Charlie, debating whether or not to tackle the yarn!

Sadly I don’t have a picture of both of them together, but here’s Charlie and he’s a handful – but he fits nicely in my lap!

Last week was busy with my practicum teaching.  It went well, and I enjoyed myself immensely.  What a learning curve it was.

Because I needed to be on time I cut my gym visits short but I did show up every morning at 6ish – except Friday, when I went at 9 am to the infamous bootcamp! (I’m still feeling that in my quads!)  I’ve got to say that it sure felt weird not to jump out of bed and head to the gym on Friday!  Anyways, here are the stats for last week!

After 18 weeks…

(to May 9)

Weight Loss

Number of Visits

Cost per visit



This Week

Lost  1



Last week




Year to Date




This week




And one killer bootcamp!

I’ve finally lost the Hot Cross buns.  Not sure I like them so much any more.  Instead I’ve been working on a recipe for muffins.  I do like them and will be publishing my first original recipe here in a week or so!  Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful week, moving towards the goals you want to achieve!



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