Bootcamp Musings…

I know.  Aris Forbes (one of the trainers – and owners of the gym where I am a gym diva) will be telling me tomorrow that I didn’t work hard enough this morning.  You shouldn’t have time to think during bootcamp.

This morning’s foray (my third) into the world of boot camps was hard.  I made my body do things it had never done before (At least not that I can remember!) I jogged on the treadmill for more than one minute.  I did a wall sit for a very, very long time (Maybe even longer)  I did (or tried to do) those crazy exercises they call “Spidermans”)  Now, 3 hours later, I’m clean but I still feel like jelly.  My quads are letting me know in no uncertain terms that they exist AND that they are not happy.  Even my nose hurts.

My body is telling my mind not to be afraid of the 40th floor - it's not that high up!

Aris also said something else – not to day, but I thought about it today.  He quoted John F. Kennedy,  “Ask not what your country can do for you.  Rather ask what you can do for your country. ”   It’s a good question and I thought about it then, and I’m still thinking about it now.

I re-phrased the quote.

Ask not what your body can do for you.  Rather ask what it is you can do for your body.

I ask my body, and some of you do too, to do a lot more than it should do.  Every day I ask my bones to carry more weight than they should.  I’ve made them work excessively hard, day in and day out for the last many years.  (This is not a new struggle for me) I’ve asked my heart to  pump more blood through more veins than it should.  Every part of my body works harder because I am obese.

Through the years my weight  crept up and down and up and down and the ups were more than the downs.  I never gave a lot of thought to just what it was I was asking my body to do while I was gaining.

Aris’ quote made me think about my actions, past and present, from a different perspective.

I still ask my body to do more than it should – I carry 82 extra pounds of weight, which is not healthy.  I ask it to get up every morning and take me (and my mind and spirit) to the gym where it has to do extra work.  What I haven’t done is let my body show me what it really can do!

Today I did.  I jogged today.

My “plan” said no jogging.

My body said, “Try for Pete’s sake” so I tried.

My mind said,  “I can’t do this!”

I think my body must have said, “Maybe  you can’t but I can!” and it did!

Not just once, but twice during the adventure.

And maybe tomorrow, I’ll get my speed back!

Join me in taking better care of my body!


PS:  If you are in Calgary and you want to check out my gym, here’s the website!


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