You Can Change!

“I am amazed that I have this motivation which turned on like a switch about 3 mos ago.”  

I didn’t say that, but I could have.  My friend Karen, who inspired me to conquer my fear of the Stairmaster (and of heights, since I’ve made it to the 41st floor now!)

This isn’t the first time that I’ve joined a fitness center or a gym.  It’s probably the third or fourth time I’ve tried to get my self into shape.  I’ve been close to my goal weight twice in the last 20 years, the closest coming 12 years ago.  I’m in the process of figuring out why so that I don’t repeat history this time around.

It also isn’t the first time I’ve tried to get all my debts paid off.  I’ll bet some of you are wondering just how I’ve managed to get myself into such a pickle in the first place.  That’s another story too, but suffice it to say, I have some and I need to get it worked out.

In spite of all my Fly-Ladying I still have way too much stuff and I am having a hard time moving it out of my life – just in case I need it.  This picture intrigued me as I looked for images for this post.  I’ve just put the book on hold at the library (So have 26 other Calgarians by the way).  Run a search and read more about it, but I’m thinking of challenging myself to get rid of 100 things in the merry month of May!

I could make lists of 100 places to see, 100 things to do, things to make, …..

It seems like a huge undertaking, and I believe it is.  Actually I know that it is.  This morning at 5:42 am. I got myself out of bed. I put on my black work out pants and a red tee-shirt.  I gathered my red bag (making sure I had my red water bottle in it) and for the 100th time this year, I went to Calgary Health Express Fitness Center and got on the elliptical machine.

It’s hard to believe, I know.  I’m a little surprised by it too.  It is, however, hard evidence that you can change.

I’m not the same woman I was 100 visits ago.  There’s less of me in pounds and inches.  I’ve got more stamina.  I’m not afraid of the Stairmaster.  I have new friends and I have a new identity!  I’m a…

Gym rat Gym Diva!

And guess what! You can be one too!  Or you can be a 100 thing minimalist (Here’s the website by the way You could visit 100 new places (in your city or in the world).  You could smile or say hello to 100 people.  You could do 100 small random acts of kindness.  By the end of whatever… you will be different!

I’ll keep you posted on my 100 thing challenge (Could you see me with only 100 things – I don’t even think I could have only 100 books!)

Have a great day!



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