Good Sleep Matters!

After 16weeks…

(to Apr.  25)

Weight Loss

Number of Visits

Cost per visit



This Week

Gained 4



Last week




Year to Date




This week



And 20 minutes on the stair climber – 41 floors (level 1)

My friend Linda D. wrote on her FB page that she would be honest with herself – and so will I.  That’s why I put the chart first.  Part of that gain is in the form of hot cross buns, and I have enjoyed too many of them.  I need to make the same rule for them as I do for egg nog.  Only on Easter!  They were good and I am experimenting with a muffin version of them!

The second part of this gain (I think) is sleep.  I didn’t sleep much on Sunday night and even less on Monday morning.  I drank hot milk.  I had a sandwich (I got hungry around 1 am.) and I drank valarian.  I even worked on my practicum project.   I was up at 5:42 am “sans alarm”  and at the gym by 6:15.    The numbers on the scale did nothing to improve my mood and I certainly wasn’t motivated to post them here!

However, I did something this morning that I haven’t done yet this year.  I weighed myself once again after having a reasonable amount of sleep (Thanks melatonin!) The hot cross buns are still there for all the world to see  but instead of weighing 234 (yesterday) the scale read 232.

My conclusion is this (and I hope I don’t have too many sleepless nights to prove it):  don’t weigh yourself after a night of sleeplessness.  I will continue to check that out as I am able.

So what’s the flour doing in the post – and white flour at that!  This is as close as I can come to a 5 pound bag of flour.    If we go by today’s weight, I’ve lost four of them so far.    This sits on my counter to remind me of what 5 pounds looks like.  I don’t often think of what 10 of them looks like, but that’s what I’m striving to lose this year!  Thanks “Flylady” for the idea!

Have a wonderful week everyone and sleep well!  It makes a difference in so many ways!



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