Challenges and Affirmations!

I posted a few days ago about finishing the Calgary Co-op Whole Health Challenge.  It was the first time I’ve entered a challenge, and finished it as well.  There’s something invigorating about getting it done!  Now what?

Well, if you’ve got some $$$ to spend there’s this one:

This challenge has two options, one of which is the online support option.  What I really like about this is the name.  When we take action on our issues, whether they are health, finances, career choices – whatever, we are winners.  We move ahead!

I also like the organizer, Jayde!  I see her almost every morning at Calgary Health Express while I’m doing my morning workout!

Sadly, I have too much on my plate already, so I can’t commit to this one.  If you have the time and this is your summer to get active about your health, check it out!

The second challenge that starts soon (May 1) is one I found out about on Facebook. It’s put on by Flylady ( ) So far all I’ve done is purchased the book from my favourite secondhand book store, Fair’s Fair.  I’ve also ordered the journal that goes along with it.  I’ll keep you posted about how it goes and what I”m learning from it!

I like challenges for a variety of reasons:

  • There’s some accountability to someone.
  • There’s someone to cheer your success!
  • You learn new things about yourself and the process/journey

Enough about the challenges.  I wanted to share an affirmation that I got from

I am facing my fears

and creating new dreams!

While the original affirmation has to do with money, it as much to do with my “red” journey to health as it does my “green” journey to financial stability!

In just a few more pounds I will be in new territory – weights I haven’t been in over 10 years.  Twice I’ve come within touching distance of my weight goal, only to “climb the charts” in a way I don’t want to climb anymore.  It’s time to look at my fears in terms of losing weight.  Now’s the time to start, and this affirmation was one I needed!

Have a good night!



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