Just a Tad Short!

Today was the day that I was planning to write a post about phoning one of my credit card holders and asking them to cancel the card.

Friday, being pay day, I made the “final” payment.  When I checked on line, however, I discovered that it was just at the cut off for the “month”  and I knew I was going to be dinged with another bit of interest!  Darn it all!

Yesterday I checked, and sure enough, my new balance was a whole 35 cents!  Ouch! Double Ouch!!  Triple Ouch!!!  Now why does this pittance of an interest payment bother me, when I’ve paid so much more in the past?

It bugs me because it’s funny.  It reminds me of my mom, who was in the same boat with someone else.  She responded by writing them a cheque for that amount on a leaf!

It bugs me because, if I’d paid the bill just a few days earlier, I would have avoided the extra charge and today, I would indeed have cause to celebrate.  Lesson learned:  watch the date due!  Online payments do take time to get from one place to another!

It bugs me because I don’t get to make the “cancellation  call” that I wanted to make today!

All that aside, this is my second achievement following Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.   A few blogs ago I showed you a picture of the graph for this particular debt.  Well, to save you from scrolling all the way down, here it is again!

So, you can see what happens when you go from making small payments to focused payments.

I thought I’d feel more relief now that this is done, but I don’t.  I guess that’s because there are a few more graphs that need working on!

Because I’ve been able to keep my other cards quietly at home, I’ve been making small payments on those.  The net result is that I now have less debt than at the beginning of the year, and more savings!

If you’re struggling with this, pop by your local library and get a copy of the Total Money Makeover.  Google it and see what others have to say.   Check out J.D. Roth’s blog, Get Rich Slowly.  Little changes, over time will make a huge difference!

Have a wonderful day!




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2 responses to “Just a Tad Short!

  1. Ponnie

    Marica my dear friend…I very encouraged by you!! But even more so, very proud of you! Keep up the good work my dear sister!!

  2. Alida Van Polanen

    I so enjoyed reading that book!
    It was very encouraging, and I have recommended the book to many others.

    On to the next graph dear Friend!

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