What’s Inside the Envelop?

Well, after a few weeks of flirting with #234, I achieved it this morning.  Not only that!  I was at the gym before the Boot Camp group had started warming up!  Everything was topsy turvy for some reason, but I managed to get to the scale and get on it!  And with out further blather, here are the Monday morning stats!

After 14 weeks…(to Apr.  11) Weight Loss Number of Visits Cost per visit MilesTraveled
This Week Lost.75  pounds 6 Last week$4.14 17.48miles
Year to Date 19.00pounds 82 This week$3.84 209.26miles

And of course the 5K walk!

I decided not to include the walk, because it didn’t happen at the gym.  I did drop by in the afternoon for a leisurely bike ride, so I counted that.  I didn’t even look at the envelop!

Thank  you Alida for sending me envelop 234.  Alida is one of my friends through thick and thin.  She’s seen me struggle with this for the entire time of our friendship which is over 20 years old now!

The encouragement comes from Psalm 18, which I am going to read over breakfast, but here’s what I’d like to leave with you all today:

Psalm 18:34 (with her addition)

God teaches my hands to make war (to fight what needs fighting -as your weight right now) so that your arms can bend a bow of bronze.

While I have referred to this as a journey and not a battle, some days it can be just that – and as I face each challenge and do the next right thing, I do feel myself becoming stronger and faster, not just mentally but physically as well!

God is truly good and I am so grateful that He loves me through it all!

Have a wonderful Monday and a great week!



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