And I Finished….

In any kind of race or game someone wins.  They get medals, cheers and slaps on the back!  They are at the top of the list.  When I was in school I liked being at the top of the class.  It was my main motivator – be on top – everywhere except gym class.

After the prizes are given out for second and third place finishers, there’s everyone else – a mass of active, fit (or getting fit) humanity.  And then there’s the bottom of the list.  The last person in.

You’re looking at her – the person behind the name at the bottom of the list of 5K participants.

I didn’t plan to be at the end – at least not while I was waiting to start.  But as I got to walking I fell in step with a lovely lady who was walking simply to see if she could do it.  Together we chatted about our journey through life – she’s older so the challenges are different.  She had reached her goal weight and used walking to keep herself there!  It was a  good day for walking in Calgary today.

The river ice is breaking up and I saw a pair of Golden Eyes (ducks) diving in the chilly waters.  I got my first glimpse of the “Peace” Bridge which has created a lot of controversy in our lovely city.  There was time to see so much.

And at the end, the decision to stay back just a tad and finish last.  Most of us know people who finish somewhere in the pack.  Fewer know the persons who finish first (I don’t know anyone who’s finished first) Maybe even fewer know someone who finished last.  Well, now you know me.

Who knows, maybe I’ll be last again next time out, but I’ve got a time to beat – Officially its hours which is what I figured.  The net time is a little less at  And the pace, whatever that was, was 12:18.  Those are the numbers to strive to overcome!

I’m sure this won’t be the last event I’ll be participating in on my journey to health and fitness.  It’s too much fun!

Have a wonderful Saturday, and a restful Sabbath!






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2 responses to “And I Finished….

  1. What a wonderful story!! I love the fact that you enjoyed yourself so much and took your time to “Smell the roses” so to speak! Congrats!!

  2. Mom

    Your story brings back the memory of that special weekend when Dad and Leon were there to cheer you along a bit and the Gemse’s were rooting around to find food for us and the girls were climbing the trees to pass the time because you took so long!
    So you are going to do it again? Tell us the date so we can come again!

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