It’s not about me –

I guess that’s a funny title since my blog, this year at least, has been all about me – and how many times I’ve been to the gym, and how many miles I’ve gone nowhere with, and how many pounds and how many inches…..

Lately the topic of organic foods has been landing in my reading material and in my life with a fair amount of regularity.  TOPS magazine (March 2011) had an article rating the pesticide level of produce.  Onions and avocados are the cleanest.  Celery and peaches – well, they’re in desperate need of a bath before you eat them!  It’s a good article.

Calgary Co-op has been featuring a lot of organic produce lately.  I’ve been able to buy grapefruit, lemons, pears and onions (and other things too) for a pretty good deal!  Of course I’m stocking up!  But is it because it’s better for me?   Not really.

Maria’s mom is a regular visitor to our produce department and she and I had a conversation while I was restocking the bananas.  (We go through an awful lot of bananas).  She was buying organic, and she told me her reasoning.

“There are moms and children living where those bananas are grown.  Those pesticides – and there are a lot of them – end up in the air, in the dirt and in the water – and guess who gets to eat, breath and drink them?”   Now that’s exactly why I buy the coffee I do – it’s fair trade, organic, shade grown…- but somehow I never brought that thinking into the produce department – or anywhere else for that matter.

And then on Sunday I was at one of my local churches, is their website, and you can hear the sermon if you’d like.  It probably won’t hit  you like it did me, here’s how it hit me.

It struck me as I was reading Psalm 37 that we get a lot of our food from developing countries.  Especially in the winter.  And it struck me again, that someone is paying the price so that I can save money on my grocery bill.  Is it worth it?  Are my buying decisions contributing to someone else’s suffering down the road?

This year I will be planting a garden, not quite like the one in the picture (That’s my dad’s garden in Ontario).  It won’t have pesticides and stuff, unless they come from my neighbour’s.

But if the people who grow my bananas, my celery, etc., are also my neighbours, then perhaps I need to think about their lives as well.

Will it cost me more money?  Probably.  Organic bananas aren’t on sale every week.  I’ll just have to pass on other things and make it work.

In the end, my decision to buy and grow organic, is a little bit about me, and a lot about the people who live and grow the food I eat.

Have a wonderful day.  I welcome your comments and thoughts!


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  1. tracy

    way to go marcia!!

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