Slowly, But Surely…

Another Monday has rolled around.  This week  I started my thirteenth week at the gym – which still has me shaking my head in wonder.  But  I like going in and making another mark on my goal sheet

At the gym there is a “Goal” Board, and this is mine.  I don’t know if anyone is watching it fill up, but every day I show up I make a mark.  I also have one for my weight, but that’s next weeks picture!  A goal, people say is a dream with a deadline.  My deadline is every day.  I get up, and instead of muddling through my morning I show up.  I am greeted by fellow travelers on the road to good health, and they have become another part of my cheering section, just as you are.

“Encourage one another and build each other up…” (1 Thess. 5:22)  That’s what we do together, and I am grateful for all the red envelopes, all the comments here and on Facebook, and the words I hear when I see you!

I totally forgot that I get to open my 236 envelop today, so lets see what’s in it!  (Drumroll Please…)  It’s a lovely card that says…

Each day is a gift from Heaven –

A chance to start over.

Change is a big deal

but if there’s anyone

who could make it work

in their favour, it’s you!

So that’s the thought for the day – applicable to any changes you are making in your life!  And to any journeys you are making!

After 12 weeks… 

(to Mar. 28)

Weight Loss Number of Visits Cost per visit Miles 


This Week 



1.5  pounds

6 Last week 




Year to Date 




70 This week 




Value Village never seems to have size 20 blue pants.  I’ve had to take in my 22’s .


Enjoy the journey and enjoy the day,





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