Fear Less, Hope More…

These are the beginning  words of one of my “Red Envelop” encouragement cards.  There’s more to it but that’s what I’m latching onto as I move forward in the various colours that make up my parachute!

A few  years ago, when I was in The Netherlands, I picked up this postcard and it has been hanging around my life ever since.  I may some day actually jump out of an airplane – but change always feels that way anyways – like you are jumping into a place where you’ve never been before.  You may have some ideas of what that might be like, but at the same time it could be radically different from your expectations.

It’s that “could be” that I think holds me back from just going for broke and getting things done.

I have to say that I am enjoying the red envelops that I have been able to open over the past few weeks.  And it occured to me that I could pass them on – not just via our conversation here, but also by real mail.  Gotta tell you, I love checking my mail box these days!

So, if you are on a journey to a new place in life, and you need some encouragement along the way, send me an email at this new address,

5colourparachute at gmail dot com

I would be delighted to send you something to encourage  you on the way!

In the meantime, here’s to moving forward, one good decision after another.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the spring!



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