Blame it on …

The moon?  The weather?  The peanut butter in the staff room? Or me?

Week 8

(to Feb 26)

Weight Loss Number of Visits Cost per visit Miles


This Week

(8 weeks)


.5 pounds

6 Last week




Year to Date


11 pounds 46 This week




Well!  That’s disappointing – to say the least.  That it is my first gain of the year is a vast improvement over other years, but still!

There are various reasons why this could have happened.  Maybe it was that massive work-out on Saturday where I did two miles on the elliptical in  24 minutes (A new record for me!)

Maybe I really did build some major muscle while doing those “holds” during my weights routine (You can sure feel the burn!)

And maybe, just maybe, I’ve been a little slack on my commitment to my health – opting instead for a bit of that creamy peanut butter!

Whatever the reason, it’s happened.  Slip-ups happen and they are a reality to be dealt with.  I’m not going to beat myself up over this.  But I am going to look at what’s happening and plug the leak before it becomes a bigger problem!

What do you do when you end up moving backwards instead of forwards?

Have a wonderful day!



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