Snow, Snow and more Snow!

Good morning from Calgary, where we have a lot of snow.  And it’s mostly old snow from before Christmas, which is unusual for us.  It’s also mightly cold in the sunshine today, and I’m glad I don’t have many reasons to go outside!  I’ve been to the gym.  I got some groceries yesterday, and cream for the coffee for my Tupperware Party tonight!

I haven’t written much about my debt issues, although one of my credit cards has taken to whining a bit here.   I mentioned freezers and ovens, and that seems to have silenced the complaints!  I did also take MC Sears to his namesake store and used the accumulated points to get a pair of new running shoes.  But I’m sure my interest costs will be higher than the cost of the shoes in the long run!

Today was pay day, so I thought I’d  update you on the Green side of my life. Two small victories this year – I haven’t dipped into my overdraft!  One of my mini-goals is to stay away from that $4.99 hit on my chequing account!  I also have not used my credit card (M. C. Sears) once this month!


I have a debt that is quite small, and has my lowest interest rate.  I’ve been paying $50 per month on this debt for years, and it has been slowly melting away.

Conventional wisdom suggests tackling the biggest debt. Or the one with the highest interest rate.  This particular debt ($675 on January 3) is my oldest debt.  It got established in the days when you could “Transfer Balances” to this new card at a lower interest rate, and this card holds that rate till the debt is paid off in full!

This debt, to tell the truth, is like a millstone around my neck.  It is always there.  For some reason, about a month ago I decided that this debt would be the first to go.  Like old baggage and clutter from the past, it just needs to go!

Since deciding to tackle that debt, I have reduced it, as of this morning to $275 dollars!  If I can manage to stick to this particular game plan, I will have it eliminated in just four pay cheques.   The end is in sight!

I have to stop writing just to rub my hands together in glee! (It also helps to warm them up!)

I By the time I finished my coffee and moved my money around, here’s what the numbers looked like:

Pay check:  just over $1000

Bills: $650 (including half the rent)      Debt repayment:   $206

Savings:  $75                            Money left for spending and giving: $120

Have a great day everyone!



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One response to “Snow, Snow and more Snow!

  1. hedy

    Way to go Marcia – reducing/eliminating debt can be almost impossible in today’s economy. Our household debt would be crippling if we didn’t own (together with the bank) our house.

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