Would you like to send me a Red Envelop?

Two posts in one day!  Got to be a record for me but I got this idea, and I’ve already started doing it, but I don’t want to leave you out if you want to be in on it!

A journey of 100 pounds is not a short one, in fact I expect it to last at least 2 years.  It’s also not a journey that you should take by yourself.  You need people to encourage you along the way.

I can’t tell  you how much it means to me when someone comments on the blog, or on Facebook, where I post a link.  It surely does keep me encouraged.

Somewhere along the way I got the idea of giving people an envelope (red of course) with a stamp and my address on it.  In the top left corner I wrote a number between 200 and 238.

Today I gave away three envelops at the doctor’s office.  My health team loved the idea.  All I asked was that they put something in the envelope – a “success” story, a recipe, an inspirational saying.  Nothing fancy, definitely nothing costly, but a surprise that I could open when I reached that number on the scale!

If you are on a similar journey, I think this is worth a try.  It’s not costly.  I got my red envelopes from a card store after Christmas.  The cards get sent back to the manufacturer but the envelopes get recycled.  If  you want different colours, wait for the right holiday and ask then!

If you see this on Facebook, send me a message.  Otherwise leave a comment on the blog.

I need all the help I can get!

Have a good night!



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One response to “Would you like to send me a Red Envelop?

  1. Alida Van Polanen

    Neat idea.
    This way it feels like we are all losing your pounds!

    Want to wait till we meet again?
    Or what?


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