This week someone commented that I was lucky I could go to the gym.   LUCKY? or a decision? But I thought about it some more, and before I post last weeks numbers, I will share my thoughts about this.  If you want to skip it, feel free.

I have been severely overweight for a long time.  That puts a lot of stress on those poor feet and leg bones, not to mention the heart and all those internal organs that need to work so hard to keep me going.

The fact that I, at, well now it’s 241.5 pounds can put in a work out of an hour is pretty amazing.  Not only that but I live to tell the tale, walk to work, put in 8 hours of fairly physical work, and …Crash!

My blood pressure is high, but managable.  My arteries aren’t stiff.  I’m not likely to suffer from heart disease.  I don’t have diabetes.  I can get out of bed in the morning.

The gym is close to my house, so I can walk there in all kinds of weather without suffering too much.  I didn’t have to go broke buying equipment or clothing!

Luck or decisions?  Luck or choices?  I’m choosing the latter.  The gym’s been across the street ever since I moved in.  This is the year I chose to use it.  I’ve always had the hour and a bit it takes to “get ‘er done” but I didn’t chose to do it.  So… if you like my numbers as much and I do, the Choice, as TOPS says, is Yours!

Week 6  of 

the journey!

Weight Loss Number of Visits Cost per visit Miles 


This Week 


1.5 pounds 6 Last week 


14.39 miles
Year to Date 


11.5 pounds 34 This week 





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One response to “YOU’RE LUCKY…

  1. Ponnie

    Decision is right and a darn good one at that!!!

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