Dear M. C.

Dear Credit Debt Card,

I know you think that M. C. sounds way cool, but…I’ve decided to rename you my Debt Card.

I read your note yesterday, and you’ve got a lot of nerve taking over my blog to voice your complaints.

But, being nice, I read them and I am willing to alter your living arrangements.  I can stick you in a Tupperware container full of water and freeze you if you’d like, or you can move in with the hedgehog.  I’ll let you decide.  In the meantime, I can change the candles in the top drawer and give you something new to sniff.

As to why you are there…it’s simple.  You are on a diet.  You are about $800 overweight and I’m tired of lugging you around when you have so much debt on you.  You are simply too heavy to carry.  (And don’t make any comments about how many calories I’ll burn if I carry you around – what usually happens is that you get heavier too, and that’s not good for you!)

Besides, the debit card was complaining that I was ignoring him, and I thought maybe we could take turns.

Don’t worry, it’s not forever, just for a season!

Let me know what you prefer in regards to living accomodations!



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