A New Number to Throw into the Mix!

We’re into week 5 of this project.  Hard to believe that I have actually been showing up at the gym six days a week – but I have.

Life and work interfered and I wasn’t able to get to the gym for my 6th workout.  At first that really ticked me off.  I was going to wreck my record.  Then I realized that I had set a rather unrealistic goal, based on assumptions that weren’t true.

The old gym was open by 7 on the weekends, so all gyms are open at 6 or 7 in the morning.  Not true.  So, realistically I have no excuse for not showing up Monday to Friday.  If I can get to the gym on Saturday – well that’s a bonus and I need to be grateful for it.  And I am.  But it took an effort to get out of the house this morning!  Inertia is hard to overcome after 2 days!

We’re down to $13.70 per visit.  That number will dwindle slowly from here on in, but I share it as evidence that I am in fact making good use of my investment.  The weather was very co-operative, and there were a couple of mornings that I even wore my Crocs.  We are eager for spring!

The highlight was the mile in under 13 minutes on the elliptical!  The low light was the scale, which didn’t budge.

I pondered that this morning while walking at a moderate pace on the treadmill, trying to keep my heart rate down to 65% (The Fat Burn Zone).  Am I exercising too much?  Am I eating enough? Or will I one day crash through whatever is holding on, and never look back?


I am participating in the Whole Health Challenge that Calgary Co-op is putting on for the next 12 weeks.  Today they offered a “Heart Health” test and I took them up on it!  It was pretty simple.  There was a blood pressure cuff and a laptop and a computer screen that showed graphs and such.  The purpose of the test was to give me some indication of how hard my arteries are!  This is important when you’re sweating on a treadmill or other machine.  Sometimes I worry a bit about over doing it!

The blood pressure numbers are  high normal (132 and 93). My pulse was 85, also okay.  My ASI (Arterial Stiffness Index)  was a lovely 32, and the graph made a nice green mountain on the page.  The technician was pleased! Low is 0 – 80.

So, I’m not likely to keel over on the treadmill or elliptical if I kick it up a notch.  I just have to overcome my fear of sweat!

Have a delightful evening!


(The snowpants are fitting better, which is a good thing if Calgary is going to continue being in the deep freeze!)




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