Numbers do matter!

Three weeks have come and gone this year.  Three weeks of getting up early and braving the traffic (non-existent – except for the occasional bus that I nearly walked into this morning!) and the weather, which has been cold – to do what I said I was going to do – use my gym pass!

So – I’ve used the pass 18 times.  That brings the cost per visit down to $17.50 each.  Not bad.  I did the equivalent of 14.05 miles on the various machines.  And I lost weight.

I lost all of one quarter of a pound.  Quite frankly, I felt like sitting on that stationary bike and pouting.  All that work and only a little bit to show for it?  I was ticked.  I was really ticked.  I was annoyed, depressed, upset, discouraged and you name it.

Fortunately, while I was biking away, I did some thinking.  The scale was not the only number I had to go by in measuring my success.  I think it’s important to have some other bench marks to work on, so that the scale isn’t the only number that matters!

These are my numbers, and now you know why I track them!

1.  Number of visits.

2.  Cost per visit (which always goes down – if I use the gym!)

3. Miles moved on the machines ( which will always go up – if I use the gym)

4.  Number of inches lost.  Some of this will be a function of how much weight I lose.  Some will be because of how much muscle I build over the coming weeks.  ( I’ll be taking new measurements at the end of February)

So here’s my brilliant conclusion:  Numbers matter, so make sure you have lots of them.  If one number isn’t what you wanted it to be, maybe the other ones will make you happy!  Mine did!

Have a great week!



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