Messing with the Recipe!

I do hope this link works.  The link in the previous post keeps going to YAHOO, which is a site I am getting extremely annoyed with.

If it doesn’t work, do go to and search for the chicken recipe.  Here’s a picture if that helps!

from Better Homes and

My grocery bill, with coupons was just over $60 this week.  A good chunk of that was for this salad – about $15 for the chicken breasts (on sale) and $5 for the feta cheese.  But it could have been more!

Here are some of the changes I made to bring the cost down, as well as the number of grocery bags I had to carry home!  Not that it made a great difference in the latter category, but it did help the bottom line!

What  the  recipe  called  for


How I changed it
A box of mixed salad greens  $6.99 A head of romaine lettuce,   $1.99

I will need more, but I can buy another head of lettuce next week – no spoilage!

Salad dressing I added a bit more orange juice and thickened the sauce.  The sauce becomes the dressing.
Pitted Kalamata Olives Next time I think I will use a small can of olives.  It’s easier and probably cheaper!
3 – 4 pounds of bone-in chicken breasts My package had 5 breast pieces and I used them all.  When cooked, I divided the breasts in half, so I got 10 servings.  These are now in Tupperware Freezesmart containers in my freezer!

I just had a serving for supper and I did enjoy the combination of tastes that the olives and feta cheese provide.  I don’t think I’ll thicken the sauce next time either.  But I certainly won’t discard it and replace it with a bottle of dressing!

Being able to heat up the chicken makes me feel that I’m having a meal, not just a salad.

Since one of my goals is to eat more veggies, I’m sure this new way of having salads will help me!  We’ll see.  In any case, I hope you can connect to the recipe.  Let me know what you think!

On a different note, I did get my measurements taken at the gym this morning.   I don’t like them, and I’m not going to share them.  BUT… in 8 weeks I’ll take them again, and we’ll see how they’ve changed.  I wish I had done it right away, but I didn’t.  In the meantime, my pants are a little looser these days and that’s a good thing!

Enjoy the evening!


PS:  I just checked the link and the top and it worked!


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