Goals – Take 2!

I posted the last note from my corner of the world, and realized I didn’t say anything about the goals that I have set for myself for this week.

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I have a specific goal as far as weight loss goes – this year I would like to lose 50 pounds – or about a pound a week.  This is a reasonable goal, and I should be able to achieve it.  However, I’ve set that goal every year, and I have yet to achieve it.  This year I’ve decided to focus not on the number itself, but on the steps I need to take, and the changes I need to make in order to achieve that over-riding goal.

Two weeks ago my goal was to show up at the gym every day except Saturday.  I made an appointment and I kept it.  Now it’s time to add some for ingredients to the soup – namely vegetables.

I came to a realization back in December that I really didn’t like them anymore.  It was a chore to eat a salad, never mind making them.  I would buy the ingredients and they would sit in my fridge and sit, and sit, and sit.

So my priority for the next two weeks is to eat more vegetables – whether fresh or cooked.  I’ve discovered that I quite enjoy a salad with some hot meat on top of it.  I made the fajitas from my BHG “Weight Loss Magazine” .  You should be able to find it around for a while, and I’m still mining new information from it.

Anyways, the fajitas are delicious  as fajitas but the filling makes a great salad topping.  The sauce acts as the dressing, and I’m enjoying another salad.  Today I made a second recipe – Thyme Garlic Chicken Breasts.


Here’s the link for it too!  I used a warehouse pack of Chicken Breasts (5 in all) and ended up with ten servings.  Instead of discarding the juice, I thickened it with a bit of cornstarch and added it to my containers of meat!  I am looking forward to some delicious salads.  Nine servings are freezing in my freezer at  the moment.

A second focus is to improve my menu planning for each week.  I think this will make a difference over the long haul of losing those pounds.  This is an area I struggle with all the time.  Having meals ready to go, helps to fill in the blanks on my paper.  I can just alternate fajitas, spaghetti, chicken and liver until the spots are filled.

But…it is time to hit the sack.  I’ve had to set my alarm to 5 am (half hour earlier) so that I can get to the gym and still be at work at 8:30.  It will be a challenge – one that I have to overcome 3 days this week!  Fortunately, I’ve already made my breakfast, the dishes are washed, and I know what I’m having for lunch – chicken salad!

Hope your day will be delightful!



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