New Goals and the Numbers Crunch!

It’s Monday morning – and I’m off for the day.  I looked forward to this day all week.  Calgary has been experiencing some pretty cold weather, and according to my weather forecaster, today was THE day it was supposed to be warm.  It is NOT warm today.  So I’ve done what definitely needed doing – my ESL volunteering and a visit to the library, and now I’m home for the day.  And I’ve been for my Monday morning visit to the gym!

I’ve used my gym pass 13 times so far – I had an extra visit on Tuesday to go over the settings on the weight machines – so the cost per visit is now down to $24.23.  Not bad for two weeks worth!  That day I did

I collected some pointers, and started using the machines more effectively.  This is important.  Not using the machines correctly can cause injuries, and you might not get the results you are looking for!  I started my weights at 15 pounds on most of the machine.  Today I i upped them to 20 pounds.  It was hard to get the job done!

The other challenge I faced this week was BOREDOM.  I still haven’t figured out the MP3 player, and the Fatburn and Cardio settings require that you hang on to the sensors for the entire workout. That makes reading of any kind a challenge.  And I don’t think I’m cut out for 40 minutes on one machine.  In spite of that I did manage to log 15.94 miles.

What I’ve decided to do is quite simple – I switch machines.  I start with a warm-up and Cardio workout on the elliptical much.   The last bit I do on both the bike and the treadmill.  I’ve upped my level to 7 and just press the Random button.  This allows me to read a book or watch TV.  Mostly I read magazines.  My gym does have a great supply of them!

Oh – and I lost some weight – 1.50 pounds to be presice!  That puts it at 6.5 so far this year!

I’m ready for a nap for some reason, but I do plan to do some cooking this afternoon – Italian Sausage soup and some Thyme Chicken in the Crockpot.  But first, I think I’ll have that nap!



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