The Green Side of Red!

I’ve been to the gym! One of my less wise decisions last  year was to sign up at a gym that was far away from home.  This required (in addition to the cost of the pass) a bus ticket and a quarter for locking up my valuables.  While there are still a few days left on that pass, I’ve decided that my time and my bus tickets can be better spent on other things, and today was THE DAY!

While this gym doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the Southland Leisure Centre, it does have one advantage – I can see it from my doorway! The price is also reasonable – $315 for a year.  I was going to do the monthly rate, but that comes with a $50 initiation fee, and may go up at any time.  Today cost more up front, but saves me $170 in the long run – enough for a pair of red running shoes!  Don’t  you think they make a cool goal to work for?

I’ve been surrounding myself with things that are read in order to remind me that this is the “dream that is URGENT!!!!!!”  I started with a new coffee mug in red.  This is my morning reminder that I have a focus – my health.  It was only $6, so not a huge expense.  I have a couple of red tee-shirts that I started wearing to the gym.  Even the bag that has my shoes, and red journal in it has a lot of red in it.  And they were in the house as well!

The other cost was the Better Homes and Gardens “My Weight Loss” magazine.  I’ve skipped this for a few  years, but decided to splurge!  It was my first purchase of 2011, and so far… I’d say buy your own – I’m not so willing to lend it out.   It also helps that the gal on the cover has a red workout top on!

So, the cost so far, three days into the year,  is about $330.  I wonder what the final “cost per pound” is going to be!

Have a great day.  Live well!



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