The Year of Lousy Decisions

It’s year end, and many people on the planet are taking stock.  I’m like them, looking back and asking questions.

Was it a good year?   Was it a bad year?

Did I just survive?  Did I have a LIFE?

Did I meet my goals?  Did I fail miserably?

To be honest, this year sucked.  That I am writing this means that somehow, I still have something that screams “Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!” but mostly I think I’ve been in survival mode and that hasn’t been much fun.

I weigh more than I did at the beginning of the year.  I owe more than I did at the beginning of the year.  I haven’t given to my friends in the same way that they give to me.  My home is still in a state of chaos.  I have more yarn and more projects on the go than I did at the beginning of the year.  It makes me scream inside!  Enough already!

On the flip side!  I got a nose ring!  That was an adventure, shared with my daughter.  We did that together, bore her pain together, found geo-caches together, and had fun.

I completed all the course work for my CERTSL program, which is an accomplishment.  I discovered that I like myself with ADHD and ditched the medications I tried.

I harvested a ripe tomato!  Don’t ask me how much I spent trying to get that one tomato, but in Calgary, that can be an accomplishment!! Honestly!

I sent my dad pumpkin seeds.  I just didn’t tell him that they were white pumpkins!  That was fun!  As you can see, my dad’s potting shed had a few other surprises, and it was fun to send off some seeds instead of a birthday and Father’s day card. I am going to do that again this year! My own experience growing pumpkins wasn’t so great, but I’m going to try again this year.  I’ve learned a few lessons – and we can’t have freezing temperatures in May two years in a row. Can we?

I started this post talking about the poor decisions I’ve made in the past year.  And I did, especially where my diet is concerned.  As we used to say in TOPS – my excess poundage is there for all the world to see how foolish I have been!  My debt is harder to see, but it’s there too.

So here’s the numbers.  103 pounds over my goal weight.  $7831.39 in debt!  That’s my reality in these areas of my life.

Putting that down was hard.  Posting it may be even harder.  However, if I can share with you this part of the reality, and also the adventure of shrinking those numbers, then maybe my final blog of 2011 will be a celebration!  And that is my goal.

To start, I’ve printed off a post from Get Rich Slowly, called “One Problem, One Correction”  It’s on my bulletin board, right by my computer and I see the headline and remember!  Check it out at

In the meantime, I’m off to have breakfast, get ready for work, and head to the gym!

Have a wonderful day.  Look back.  Look forward!  Look up to the heavens and know that God is and that He loves you and me!



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