Guess what I got at the Library Book Sale!?

Gotta love it when the library is decluttering the Personal Finance section or the Fibre Arts section!  It’s always fun to check out the deals, and last month I scored big!  For only a loonie I now have the pleasure of reading and sharing Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover!

The acquisition was timely as I was just anticipating a chunk of change known as “Retro Pay” – just OVER $800.  A lovely chunk of change, and oh what fun I had planning how to use it – bills, vacation, a new deepfreeze…and the list goes on.  An emergency fund was furthest from my mind.

I am amazed at how God works in my life to bring the right ideas into it, just when I can bring them to fruition.  Dave recommends $1000 as the base of the emergency fund.  $600 from the retro cheque was deposited into my brand-spanking new ING account, and they gave me $25 as a bonus.  $100 from my last and next two paychecks, and some from my new “Health Care Spending” cheque, and in just over a month I can check off that goal.

So what kept me from creating such an account in the first place? Time.  It just seemed like it would take so much time to build that chunk of change.  And of course there are so many other places to spend money.  So, in spite of all my PF reading, I never got around to doing this one simple thing.

And it feels great to know that somewhere I will have that money – in case I need to travel somewhere fast, rent a car….maybe even quit my job (Well it’s not big enough for that yet!).  And now that I’ve started it, I just want to make it bigger!

Over at you can see a pretty funky picture of a huge snowball being rolled by a co-operative.  So I’m not the only one who is reading the book and making changes.

Then I followed the links from a blogpost from and found this link: where there are some pretty neat financial Excel worksheets.  I used the Debt Snowball to show me what I need to do, and what doing that will lead to.

Lots of links in this post, but I hope lots of inspiration as well!

My Dollar Deal

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One response to “Guess what I got at the Library Book Sale!?

  1. Ponnie

    Hey lady….this is the book our “Women & Finances” blogger Sharon recommends. In fact we had a drawing for it back in February. I am so happy to see that you got a hold of it and are latching on to the basic principles.


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